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"SpecMaster Systems"
are available in 5 basic systems that can be customized to match your exact needs.  All systems include the easy-to-use SDP v4.6 and come on CD-ROM or Zips.
Spectral Libraries
The "XI Library of XPS Spectra" is organized into two major libraries: 
"Common Materials" & "Practical Studies".   Each is filled with detailed info about the 80 directories.
Design  Features
This link describes the "Self-Consistent" nature of SpecMaster data and how "self-consistency" maximizes the reliability of info derived from self-consistent sets of correlated spectra !
Software Center
Click here to read about the "SDP v4.6", "ASCII File Converter",
"VAMAS Viewer" and the other specialty software sold by XI

Sample Spectra SAMPLE SPECTRA 80 Page Summary 80 Page Summary Tools & Acces Laptop Systems DTP System Requirements
.Sample Spectra !!
Click here to view correlated sets of sample spectra in the
"Element" directory or the "Native Oxide" directory.  Want to see other sample spectra?  Ask us!  We'll send up to 20 spectra of your choice -free! 
Summaries of 80 Directories
Look here for descriptions of the purpose of the data directory, the # of spectra in each directory, materials used, calibration used, an overview, special treatment, electrical behavior, charge control ...
 Portable Data-Base Systems
Ready-To-Use laptops are waiting for anyone who needs a portable data-base system.  DTP systems are also available.  Ask us for a quote!
System Compatibilities
Microsoft, IBM, Macintosh and Unix operating systems are all compatible with the "Spectral Data Processor".  Click here to review minimum system needs.

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