The XI Library of Monochromatic XPS Spectra

          Self-Consistent  XPS SPECTRAL LIBRARIES  #1  and  #2  and  LIBRARY SUMMARY        

Common Materials
Practical Studies Library Library Summaries 80 Page Summary of the Library Handbooks 5 Volume
Handbook Series

Spectral Library #1
Click here to review Spectral Library #1 which has 35,000 
Common Materials spectra organized in 53 directories.  These data-filtes are reference to research grade spectra of pure materials: as received, fractured in air, ion etched in UHV, etc.   To review a detailed summary of the contents of each directory click on 80 Page Summary.  10 spectra of your choice - free!

Spectral Library #2
Click here to review Spectral Library #2 which has 30,000
Practical Studies spectra organized in 34 directories.  These studies show: Damage by X-rays, Charge Control, Re-oxidation, Heat, Damage by Flood Gun Electrons etc.  To review a summary of the contents of each directory click on 80 Page Summary.  For sample plots, E-mail

Summaries of 80 Directories (PDF)
Look here for detailed descriptions of the purpose of the data directory, the number of spectra in each directory (folder), number of materials analyzed, names of materials analyzed, material class, reference BEs used, detailed overview, special treatments, charge compensation method, electrical behavior, useful results and observations.

XPS Handbooks
More than 2,000 processed spectra (surveys, high res, valence band, Auger etc) from 5 major groups of materials stored in 5 loose-leaf, hard cover binders. View sample pages from Vol.1  Vol.2, Vol.3, Vol.4 and Vol.5. To see how popular the series is, do a web search, look for Handbook of Monochromatic XPS Spectra or the name of the author:  B. Vincent Crist

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Spectra Books
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XI Library

PDF Spectra Books  - Vol 1A and Vol 2A
To view samples of fully processed and annotated spectra stored in PDF Vol 1A click on:  Elements and Native Oxides.  To view Periodic Table Interface screens, instrument details, the experimental section etc. select:  PDF Demo of Vol 1A.  To view sample spectra and the details of fully processed and annotated spectra from Commercially Pure Binary Oxides select:  PDF Demo of Vol 2A.

Fundamental XPS Data Chart - Colorful
Periodic Table formatted charts of reliable, reference grade BEs and FWHMs for Pure Elements, Binary Oxides and various Chemical Compounds make Peak-Fitting faster, easier and more reliable.  Sizes range from:  Letter, A4 size, 11x17 inch, A3 size,  2x3 feet, 3x5,5 ft  to  4x6 feet.  Larger sizes are printed on firm, flexible plastic.   Smaller sizes are either laminated or stored in clear plastic cases.

Internally Self-Consistent
To make reliable chemical state assignments XPS users need spectra that are reliable and practical, and easy to reproduce.  We need spectra that were collected under conditions that suffer the least amount of random and systematic errors.  That is the very nature of spectra that are internally self-consistent. To be self-consistent, spectra must be collected under effectively, identical experimental conditions. 

3,700 Data-Files from A to Z
The complete library of XPS spectra, in digital file format, has more than 3,700 data-files organized into 80 modular data directories that contain the more than 40,000 monochromatic XPS spectra.  The complete library is a vrey large, self-consistent set of complete, correlated sets of spectra. To view a highly detailed A-Z list of all data files, select:  Chemical Name Index.