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SPECTRAL LIBRARY #2:  "Practical Studies on Common Materials"
>32,000 spectra included in 33 directories

The “Spectral Library of Practical Studies on Common Materials” is a truly unique collection of more than 32,000 digital XPS spectra obtained by performing simple “practical studies” on commonplace materials such as: Charge Control Studies, Depth Profile Analyses, Gas Capture Studies, X-ray Damage Studies, etc.  A table of contents that summarizes the contents of this library is provided just to the right.

This library of spectra was measured over a 10 year time period by a single scientist who used two well characterized XPS systems equipped with an Aluminum monochromatic X-ray source. Under these conditions the collection is considered to be a “self-consistent” collection of spectra that by design maximizes the reliability of the spectra, the numbers and information derived from them, and also the comparisons made with spectra produced on the user's instrument.

Spectral Library #2 contains more than 32,000 spectra stored in 1,600 multi-spectra data-files systematically organized in a modular system of 34 directories with names easily recognized by analysts, engineers, scientists, and teachers.The main function of this collection is to provide series of spectra that can be used:  to teach others, to preview potential analysis effects or problems, to study the behavior of materials to various common experimental conditions, and the behavior of the instrument used to collect the spectra.

The spectral data contained within this library are designed to assist engineers, scientists, analysts, theoreticians, and teachers who use XPS on an everyday basis under practical working conditions. These spectra will help XPS users to analyze industrial problems, gather reference data, perform basic research, test theories and teach others.  

The “self-consistent” methodology used to produce this library of spectra greatly minimizes any random or systematic errors.

By design, the directories, filenames, and samples have names and descriptions that directly identify the basic content or the purpose of each directory or file.  Most of these names are very familiar to XPS users, analysts, engineers, scientists, and teachers.  Numerical filenames, which add an unnecessary level of complication, were not used.  All systems or libraries produced by XPS International LLC are designed to be practical, systematically organized, easy to use and easy to understand. 

With the purchase of the “XPS Spectral Library #2 of Practical Studies on Common Materials”, the user will receive a free copy of the advanced spectral data processing software, “Spectral Data Processor v4.3” and the movies that teach how to operate SDP.

Directory Name Material Class # Spectra # Species # Files
Angle-Resolved XPS angle resolved XPS >200 10 50
Cadmium oxide research study of CdO vs Cd, Cd(OH)2, CdCO3 100 9 9
Calibrations energy scale calibration spectra >300 2 87
Capture Studies - Elements oxygen and carbon capture - part I >1,830 59 61
Charge Studies, AlOx charge-up of aluminum oxide >150 10 40
Charge Studies, Carbon Ref E charge-up of adventitious carbon >200 15 >50
Charge Studies, Grazing X-rays charge-compensation via grazing X-rays 120 5 30
Charging Research charge-compensation research >400 33 >120
Damage Caused by Electrons damage from flood gun electrons >100 5 15
Damage Caused by Ions damage from argon ion beam 90 12 25
Damage Caused by X-rays damage from monochromatic X-rays >500 23 28
Depth Profile Examples depth profile examples >8,000 55 >60
Elements, Ag-Zr - Overnight Studies ion etched & exposed to UHV >10 hr >800 87 >180
Ion Etching Pure Elements study pure elements after long ion etch >3,000 50 150
Etch Rates - using SiO2 etch rate calibrations using SiO2 200 1 5
Gas Sensors - CO carbon monoxide gas sensors 36 7 18
Contamination by Gloves study contamination from gloves >50 22 24
Grazing X-rays study enhanced count-rate from grazing X-rays 90 3 45
Hard Disk Lube studies line profiles of hard disk lubrication 70 14 50
Hard Disk Lube studies 2 line profiles of hard disk lubrication 84 42 84
Heat Effect studies effect of heat on materials 20 2 5
Ion Implant studies depth profiles on implantws materials >600 15 40
Laser-XPS studies Laser-XPS research (patented) >650 44 320
Magnetic Memory materials magnetic materials 80 16 40
Miscellaneous miscellaneous materials 140 >25 >25
Flood Gun Studies on Native Oxides effect of flood gun on native oxides >550 45 >200
Charge Control using Pellets research on making specimen pellets 40 7 12
Tests and Checks of XPS Instrument checks done on system behavior 250 3 96
Transmission Function Studies spectrometer transmission studies 50 3 16
Tribology studies tribology studies on bearings 50 6 15
UV Ozone Cleaning stuides UV with ozone treatments 3 1 3
  Spectral Library #2



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